Software which every user should have

The reason for writing this blog post is that many times we are unaware of the softwares which we should use thus it takes more time to complete our task. If you are in IT field, a computer scientist, programmer or developer then these list will help you save a lot of time. These are the list of softwares:

1. Putty

If you want to ssh into your system then you must have putty with you. PuTTY is a free SSH, Telnet and Rlogin client for 32-bit Windows       systems. If you dont know what that means then in simple words it means that it helps you connect to multi computers at once and interact with it.

 2. WinSCP

If you want to transfer files from server to computer or vice versa then you should definitely want WinSCP. You can transfer any files you want with this.

3. Cygwin

If you want to get the linux feeling but on windows then you should download Cygwin. Its an x-terminal which will help you edit all files from the server. So basically open the file from the server, edit, save and your file gets saved onto the server. It is too helpful as sometimes you want to avoid WinSCP if you just have to edit a few files.

4. RealVNC

If you want to vnc into your system, it means that if you want the GUI of your linux system then you need RealVNC. Interact with the GUI and it feels like you are using windows.

5. Notepad++

This is the best software any one has ever made. Stop using notepad and start notepad ++. It is a programmers friend. Basically edit any type of java, jsp, python, shell etc files in this. It has many plug ins where you can compare your code, search etc.

6. Team Viewer

You are working in a team and want to share what you are doing then Team Viewer is the best software. You can share your screens, files etc with Team Viewer. By sharing each other desktops increases your efficiency too. It improves your work performance and saved time of actual meet ups especially if you’re staying far from each other.

7. PDF Creator

Best friend of a student. Do you want to submit your assignments in PDF? But you have a word doc and cannot save in pdf . Well this is your solution! Upload word documents in there and auto-generate a pdf. It saves a lot of time as you can upload multiple files at once.

Best part of the blog:

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I hope this post was useful. Do share your comments.


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